Searching for Wedding Dresses In-Store vs Online

Searching for Wedding Dresses In-Store vs Online

Not that shopping for wedding dresses has ever been simple, but the Internet has almost made it more difficult. With almost any dress at your fingertips online, the sheer number of options that are available in so many styles and designs is daunting to sort through. Even with all those wedding dresses available to brides-to-be, picking and purchasing a dress completely online is not the best option. Wedding gowns are always a source of both excitement and stress for the bride, so each bride should choose the hassle-free option that will reduce the dress stress the most. Check out the benefits of both methods listed below.

    Benefits of Shopping In-Store for Wedding Dresses

  • At most stores, you can try on any dress they have in your size, which varies from shop to shop. Promises Bridal carries a wide range of sizes so more brides-to-be can immediately slip into almost any of the wedding dresses she is considering.
  • Sales Associates can help you find dresses in your desired style and price range.
  • Additional resources are often available in bridal shops. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, caterer or wedding planner, Promises Bridal has information on local vendors available.
  • You can determine what alterations will need to be made. Most Bridal gowns can be altered, but shops like ours carry only alterable formal gowns.
  • The shop can do the ordering for you. Brides are encouraged to order their dress well in advance. Check out our handy ordering date guide!
  • Unsure about what style suits you best? Experienced staff can help find the dress that compliments you best.

  • Shopping Online for Wedding Dresses

    Buyer beware! Our designers only sell through brick and mortar stores. You don’t necessarily save money, because the quality suffers and alterations will be more drastic. The biggest concern with buying wedding dresses solely off the web without trying the gown on first or seeing it in person is that you may not like what you get. Whether it’s a slightly different style or doesn’t resemble the picture you saw online at all, it takes time to send the dress back and deal with customer support from whatever company you bought it from. Not all websites are legitimate either — you need to check the We know that planning a wedding is stressful, and that sometimes the dress just becomes one more thing to worry about. That’s why we do everything we can to make this part of the planning easy on you. Your wedding deserves to be as perfect as possible, and getting the dress you want to fit you perfectly and arrive on time is a part of the job that we love.
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