Web Tools Can Make Wedding Planning a Breeze

Wedding Web Tools Can Make Planning a Breeze

Bridesmaid dresses Eureka CAPutting together a wedding involves deciding the answers to a multitude of questions, both big and large — What wedding favors should be given out? What will the bridesmaids wear? What wedding dresses have you already tried on? Should you use scented candles at the reception? — Keeping up with all these questions and then remembering who is handling what is half the challenge of wedding planning. That is why the wedding planning industry has created and adopted online tools. While this likely won’t take the place of hiring an actual wedding planner with experience, such internet resources can be used to aid both DIY brides and to help both the bride-to-be and the planner stay on the same page. Keeping a backup copy of some resources is wise in case you lose internet access, but otherwise online wedding planning tools are typically reliable and can be accessed anywhere. Some tools are not wedding specific — Google has a variety of resources online that can be used to share photos, lists and other documents along with creating your own website for the occasion. Other websites like Wedding Wire provide tools specific to wedding planning, including a countdown to the day, and a variety of apps for both web and mobile are also available. Some are free, others are not, but do a trial run if possible before settling on any one tool. Online wedding planning tools should have:
  • A digital calendar with upcoming appointments and events. If your wedding planner also has access, this means you won’t likely be double booked for choosing wedding favors and meeting with your bridesmaids.
  • The ability to create task lists so you know what needs to get done and by when.
  • Accessibility. If you use the tools on your smartphone and on your home computer, that is a bonus, but it should be available on more than just one PC.
  • An RSVP list. Online invitations are also a possibility, but not everyone on your guest list may be tech savvy enough to receive e-invites. But an RSVP tracker can help you keep track of what your guest total will look like.
  • Etiquette guides. This may not be necessary if you are working with a wedding planner, but knowing what wedding traditions and etiquette are expected can be helpful.
What your wedding planning needs are will dictate whether such tools are appropriate for your wedding, but the goal is to make the planning process as hassle-free as possible. If a program is causing you more trouble than a good, physical planner would, switch to hard copy.
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