2013 Bridal Gowns Feature Bold Colors and Designs

2013 Bridal Gowns Feature Bold Colors and Designs Every year, designers offer brides both traditional and modern takes on bridal gowns, but the selection of 2013 wedding dresses is still quite striking. You can still walk down the aisle in a white, trailing gown — it’s just not your only option this year. Let’s take a look at what will make 2013 different for brides shopping for the perfect wedding dress: slide13 Bright Colors for Wedding Dresses It won’t just be the bridesmaid dresses that get to show off some bold colors this year. Many wedding dress designers have created gorgeous gowns in crimson red, and a few have even been daring enough to feature bridal gowns with floral prints. Of course, ivory and white are still favorites overall, so don’t fret if that is what you were hoping for this season. But brides looking for an alternative to the traditional fare don’t have to compromise on style with the selection of 2013 bridal gowns. Symmetry is Overrated Likely a result of the regular runways featuring plenty of asymmetrical styles in 2012, many 2013 wedding dress collections include asymmetrical hemlines that add a unique look. When done poorly, these types of hemlines can look sloppy, but wedding designers have used this expertly to create a modern twist on more traditional designs. Black is Back, Baby If white is the color of purity, then it may seem bizarre that black has found its way into 2013 wedding fashion. However, designers have used black as an accent over white, ivory or mocha bridal gowns and the effect is dazzling. Typically used as a floral overlay on the torso or midriff of the gowns, black is also being used in tulle. Mixing black and white makes for an enticing and memorable wedding dress. Portrait and Sheer Backs in Wedding Dresses Once the bride has walked down the aisle, the audience will primarily see the back of her dress. This may be the inspiration for sheer dress backs that have grown in popularity this year. Bridal gowns may not have a plunging neckline, but they are more likely to use sheer material for the back of the dress, often using embroidery to add floral details or create a unique design.
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