Dress Your Best For Graduation

Dress Your Best For Graduation

Soon you will be walking to “Pomp and Circumstance,” closing one chapter to begin another — do you plan on being dressed to impress as you start a new phase of your life? Take a break from cracking the books for your final exams and pick out the graduation dress you’ll always remember.


The date is approaching faster than you think, so having what you’ll wear on graduation night planned out now will save you a little extra end-of-semester stress. You’ll be getting that from plenty of other sources, so make finding the right graduation dress the fun part!

What Dresses to Wear at Graduation

Dresses for graduation 2013 are typically formal in style, similar to a prom dress. If you’re feeling a little extra school spirit, you can choose a dress in one of your school’s colors but that’s hardly mandatory (especially if your school colors are something awful like chartreuse and brown).

Graduation dresses should be sleek if you are going to wear it under your graduation robe. And you will be wearing that gorgeous number under your robes, right? After the commencement ceremony is over, you’ll be busy hugging friends and family, saying a few tearful goodbyes or making plans to meet afterward — you may not have time for a costume change!

Now, let’s talk shoes. While your graduation dress may go underappreciated during the ceremony, your shoes will be the only item visible underneath your robes. Why not make them cute? You will be doing a good amount of walking though, so you have to balance comfort with cuteness when making your selection. Treating yourself to a pedicure can definitely perk up your toes for your graduation day, too.

One last consideration: Weather! If it’s going to be a cold day, bring something to keep you warm. You can also don a pair of sunglasses in case the sun is going to be right in your eyes — squinting from the sun doesn’t make for great graduation photos!

What will you be wearing on your graduation day? We’d love to see your photos — bring them by!

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