How to Pick the Best Prom Dress for Your Body Type

How to Pick the Best Prom Dress for Your Body Type

Formal dresses always look fabulous on the rack and in magazines, but sometimes they don’t look how you expect on yourself. This is normal — we all have different body types that look their best in certain styles. Just like your skin tone can affect what colors look best on you, your body type impacts how a prom dress will look on you.


There are several different body types. The three below are general categories, and you may fall into one or you might be somewhere in between. If you aren’t certain what prom dress will look best on you, the dress experts at Promises Bridal & Formal Wear can help you find the dresses for prom that will have you looking your best. Plus, we do tailoring and can adjust the dress of your dreams to fit you perfectly.

Slender, Straight Frames

In general, those with straight frames are rectangular in shape and look best in dresses with texture — clingy, tight fitting dresses are often your best option. Stay away from vertical stripes and midriff belts, and instead look for fluffier fabrics and ruffled designs. Looking for colored dresses for prom instead of white or cream are also generally a better choice. For your prom shoes, stick to lower heels.

Pear-Shaped Frames

Having a pear frame means your hips, butt and thighs carry more of your weight than your upper torso. Dresses for prom that use an A-line skirt that flares at the bottom could be a good solution for you, or you can look for dresses that have most of their detailing on top and a minimal amount on the bottom to bring more balance to your look. Dresses that taper at the waistline and flare out below are ideal, as are empire waistlines. If you are looking at plus size prom dresses, they may not fit your bust perfectly, but most dresses for prom can be tailored to fit.

Apple-Shaped Frames

If you have an apple shape, that means you carry weight around the middle. Low necklines are your friend here! You should stick to formal dresses that are one color or a small print, instead of a two-tone dress that splits in the middle. Empire waistlines can also work wonders. Show off your gorgeous legs with dresses for prom that are above the knee.

At our store in the Henderson Center, we carry formal dresses and plus size prom dresses in several sizes, so you can see how it fits before ordering.

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