Make Your Ideal Wedding Dress Perfect For You With Fittings

Make Your Ideal Wedding Dress Perfect For You With Fittings

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Congratulations! You finally found the perfect dress –the one that was made just for you! Well… sort of. Every bride’s body and every bride’s accessories are unique. As a result, your dress will require at least a few alterations. Then you’ll have a dress that perfectly fits you – and only you. Here’s what you should expect, and what’s expected of you, once you say “yes” to that dress, and how the team at Promises Bridal will turn your dream into a reality.

Most dresses require at least one fitting. We suggest three. Your first fitting will address major fit and design elements; the second will ensure all the alterations from the first fitting have been addressed; and the third will take care of any last-minute changes before the big day.

When Should You Get Fitted for a Wedding Dress?

Between the stress and the dieting that many brides face, your weight will likely fluctuate between the day you pick out that perfect wedding dress to the day you get hitched. As mentioned earlier, we recommend at least three fittings, but much depends on the alterations you need and the timeline you’re working with. To make sure you get the proper fit, and to ensure your seamstress has time to make the alterations you request, there should be 2-3 months between the first and last fitting.

Before Your First Fitting

Purchase your shoes and your undergarments, and if possible, choose all your other accessories as well: jewelry, headpiece, wrap, bag. These all help with the big picture and may need to be taken into consideration when making adjustments.

Who Should Come Along to Your Fitting?

Bring one or two trusted companions – for example, the mother of the bride and the maid of honor – not the whole crew! Getting a second opinion will help you make the best choices, but you don’t need your whole bridal party there to offer (and argue over) their opinions. What you need are a couple of sets of eyes that you trust to help ensure the gown is the right size, color, and design, and to take note of any special instructions for getting into and out of your gown. It’s a good idea to have one of them take pictures or video as well.

During the First Fitting

First fittings take around one hour. Come prepared with your trusty sidekicks, your shoes, your undergarments, and your accessories. Shoes and undergarments are a must! It’s vital to have your shoes so that the dress can be hemmed properly, and even if your undergarments don’t make a difference in the sizing of your dress, they will need to be covered and concealed properly. At your first fitting you can also decide on any embellishments you’d like to add to your dress – sleeves, bustles, sashes and bows, sparkles or beading – ask your seamstress how you can add the perfect personal touches to your dress!

From there your seamstress will schedule the next fitting or fittings with you based on the type of alterations you request and your timeline.

Other Considerations

You aren’t limited to just size alterations – modifications to the design, and embellishments like adding straps, lace, beading, and bustles are also fun ways to personalize your dress and accentuate your best features!

Some dresses are not easily altered, especially dresses made of low quality material or dresses with delicate fabrics, like those with a silk satin finish, may be hard to let out without needing to cover the alter area. Before you buy, check the alterability of the dress’s fabric.

Other dresses that are difficult to alter are ones that are too small or much too big (we’re talking more than just a couple of sizes here). As a general rule, choose a dress that has “wiggle room” – one or two sizes bigger – but not one you are swimming in. Dresses that are too big are always easier to take in than letting out dresses that are too small; however, if a dress is significantly too large, it will may have to be entirely re-cut to the correct size. This is do-able, but extremely costly and time consuming.

We at Promises Bridal want you to look absolutely stunning on your wedding day, and our styling team can do the fittings and make the alterations you need to make that happen!

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