Designer Spotlight: Enzoani

Designer Spotlight: Enzoani

“Each bridal collection is designed to redefine couture fashion, provide pristine quality and sophisticated beauty.”  –from the Enzoani Facebook page

Enzoani debuted in 2006 with dresses featuring luxurious fabrics, unmatched construction, and flawless beadwork. It has since established itself as an internationally renowned designer brand. With designs that embody innovative design and timeless elegance, Beautiful and Blue are two of the latest collections by Enzoani that we absolutely love.

Designer Yuchian Hu drew inspiration for the Beautiful collection from his “relaxing and simple life,” resulting in elegant wedding dresses that focus on the beauty of the bride without distraction. Indeed, the clean lines and minimal embellishments create gowns both slimming and stunning. In addition to being literally beautiful, the dresses in this collection are also much more affordable than dresses from other prominent designers without compromising on quality or style. Hu had budget-conscious brides in mind during the line’s creation, so these dresses will only have you gasping at their beauty – not their price tags!

Blue is an enduring collection that never fails to amaze when it debuts each year. This collection offers wedding gowns in designs that can accommodate almost any body type,and is slightly more youthful in its stylings. Kang Chun Lin, the creative director behind Blue, has created dress designs with comparable styling and attention to detail that Enzoani’s more costly collections are known for, but at a more accessible price point.

Look refined no matter what your budget with a wedding dress from Enzoani. Come in to Promises Bridal & Formal Wear to try one on!

Photos feature dresses from the Beautiful and Blue collections at

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A Style Guide for Mothers of the Bride

A Style Guide for Mothers of the Bride

On the day of the wedding, the spotlight is on the bride — and rightly so! But that doesn’t mean the mother of the bride needs to look drab. You are an important part of the wedding party, and mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses should reflect that status.

There are three major considerations when choosing a mother of the bride or groom dress: wedding etiquette, color, and style.


First and foremost, the bride should be consulted before either mother decides on a dress. She may have something specific in mind, so it’s always best to ask first.

Follow the bride’s cues about style, color, and degree of formality. Mother of the bride dresses should complement the bride’s choices for herself and the wedding party, both in color and in formality.

Traditionally, the bride’s mother has the honor of choosing her outfit first, both out of respect for the bride, and as a way of setting the tone for what the mother of the groom will wear. However, this is a loose guideline and it’s certainly not out of place for the mother of the groom to go ahead and choose her outfit, so long as both women are comfortable and don’t clash.

Speaking of clashing, moms also want to be careful they don’t end up looking too matchy-matchy! You

should have a conversation to get a sense of what the other is wearing. If you both end up wanting to wear the same color, choose different shades to make sure you stand apart from one another (unless the bride requests matching colors, of course).

Allow plenty of time for special orders and alterations – mothers are notorious for putting themselves last! This is an important event, and mother of the bride and groom dresses require special attention, too, so start the dress search no later than three months before the wedding (six months is ideal).


The biggest no-no, of course, is choosing a color that is the same as the bride’s dress: white, cream, and champagne are out. Likewise, black is generally not worn as it is associatedwith mourning (an exception would be if the bridal party is wearing black). Additionally, avoid red or especially bright, flashy colors that take attention away from the bride. Trends are changing, however, and the style of your dress can have an effect on the way the color is received. Remember: when in doubt, check with the bride.

It’s OK to wear a color in the same palette as the bridal party, but it should be a different shade so that you stand out. If there are two or more colors in the wedding theme, ask the bride for some options so you moms can select one that matches your skin tone and personal taste. Metallics, navy, blush, chocolate brown and jewel tones are all beautiful and safe bets.


These days, almost anything goes so long as it’s appropriate for the event. Just as with the bride’s gown, logistics such as the time of day, the setting, and the season will dictate the right type of dress to wear. Religious and cultural customs may dictate a certain dress code for the ceremony or reception too, so you should be prepared to cover up if required (a jacket, cardigan or chic shawl should do the trick).

When choosing a dress style, personality is sometimes more of a consideration than aiming for “age appropriate.” From a classic suit or a chic sheath to a cocktail dress or formal gown, there are lots of options available that will give you a glamorous look without being over-the-top. A mother of the bride dress should reflect your spirit, not your age. Simple alterations like sheer sleeves or a little lace to make for a more discreet décolletage still allow you to choose a flattering style without upstaging the bride or showing off too much.

Do consider choosing a dress that can be worn for other occasions. Investing in a quality dress that makes you look and feel great will reward you with an outfit that will work for cocktail parties, other weddings, or a special dinner. Again, with simple alterations, such as shortening a long suit or gown, or adding (or removing) sleeves, sashes, or other embellishments means you can wear your dress again and again.

The Bottom Line

Communicate with the bride and take her requests to heart, but choose a dress that makes you feel great. If it’s elegant, understated, and appropriate, you can’t go wrong.

Promises Bridal has just as many options for mothers of the bride as they do the brides, and we can get your dress fitted and altered, too!

Photos feature dresses by designers carried at Promises Bridal.

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Let’s Hear it for the Boys! Tuxedo Trends for Today’s Grooms

Let's Hear it for the Boys! Tuxedo Trends for Today's Grooms

neutral with standout bride

Once upon a time, grooms were confined to donning a full dress tux with tails and a bow tie. And while that’s certainly a dashing option that will look great on any guy, today’s grooms have lots more flexibility with their wedding day wardrobe.

In light of changing wedding day trends, let’s take a look at some of the ways your guy (and his guys) can complement the style of your wedding while remaining comfortable, confident, and, let’s face it, every guy wants to look cool!

Grey is the New Black

Greys range from ash to slate, pewter to charcoal, meaning you can fine-tune your man’s palette to match the formality of your wedding. Pictured above, medium-grey tuxedos fit perfectly with an elegant daytime affair. Choose darker shades or opt for a metallic sheen for an evening or more formal event.

Outdoor Options

When the sun is still out, you’re allowed to loosen up on the rules. This couple opted to keep things light and airy, but just as classy, with a beige tuxedo, white shoes, and a pop of color to match her bouquet and keep him from looking washed out.

If you’re a really laid-back couple, a beige, navy, or grey suit will also do. Properly fitted and accented with your wedding colors, your guy can easily pull off classy and casual.

Vintage Vibes

Check out these dapper dudes! Vintage, rustic, shabby-chic — lots of couples are leaning toward throwback styles for a sense of fun and familiarity. Suspenders and brightly patterned bow ties are the perfect way to add a quirky yet subtle twist, and a great way to set apart groomsmen and ring bearers.

Picked Your Style? Let Promises Do the Rest!

No matter what your aesthetic is, we will help you visualize and coordinate to make sure the whole wedding party is put together picture perfect. Just as we work with you brides to match up your brides maids with the most flattering looks for your wedding theme and their body types, we will work with the groom to give his guys the most complementary suit for his entire crew. We help coordinate colors for the groom, groomsmen, father of the bride/groom, officiant and other special guests who may need to have a suit or tuxedo as well.

All photos feature designs from Promises Bridal and Formal Wear.

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Make Your Ideal Wedding Dress Perfect For You With Fittings

Make Your Ideal Wedding Dress Perfect For You With Fittings

bridal fitting

Congratulations! You finally found the perfect dress –the one that was made just for you! Well… sort of. Every bride’s body and every bride’s accessories are unique. As a result, your dress will require at least a few alterations. Then you’ll have a dress that perfectly fits you – and only you. Here’s what you should expect, and what’s expected of you, once you say “yes” to that dress, and how the team at Promises Bridal will turn your dream into a reality. Most dresses require at least one fitting. We suggest three. Your first fitting will address major fit and design elements; the second will ensure all the alterations from the first fitting have been addressed; and the third will take care of any last-minute changes before the big day.

Continue reading
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Dress Your Best For Graduation

Dress Your Best For Graduation

Soon you will be walking to “Pomp and Circumstance,” closing one chapter to begin another — do you plan on being dressed to impress as you start a new phase of your life? Take a break from cracking the books for your final exams and pick out the graduation dress you’ll always remember.


The date is approaching faster than you think, so having what you’ll wear on graduation night planned out now will save you a little extra end-of-semester stress. You’ll be getting that from plenty of other sources, so make finding the right graduation dress the fun part! Continue reading

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Wedding Dress Designer Spotlight: Mori Lee

Wedding Dress Designer Spotlight: Mori Lee

Becoming a top wedding dress designer is no easy feat, but Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner has managed to remain a top designer, manufacturer and distributor of the most popular wedding gowns in the U.S.

Style 4202 Mori Lee

The 50-year-old company is known for using classic, more traditional designs while incorporating in vogue elements for its yearly line of wedding dresses. With more than three generations of family guidance, Mori Lee continues to provide brides the dresses of their dreams while keeping their designs affordable. Continue reading

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How to Pick the Best Prom Dress for Your Body Type

How to Pick the Best Prom Dress for Your Body Type

Formal dresses always look fabulous on the rack and in magazines, but sometimes they don’t look how you expect on yourself. This is normal — we all have different body types that look their best in certain styles. Just like your skin tone can affect what colors look best on you, your body type impacts how a prom dress will look on you.


There are several different body types. The three below are general categories, and you may fall into one or you might be somewhere in between. If you aren’t certain what prom dress will look best on you, the dress experts at Promises Bridal & Formal Wear can help you find the dresses for prom that will have you looking your best. Plus, we do tailoring and can adjust the dress of your dreams to fit you perfectly. Continue reading

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2013 Bridal Gowns Feature Bold Colors and Designs

2013 Bridal Gowns Feature Bold Colors and Designs Every year, designers offer brides both traditional and modern takes on bridal gowns, but the selection of 2013 wedding dresses is still quite striking. You can still walk down the aisle in a white, trailing gown — it’s just not your only option this year. Let’s take a look at what will make 2013 different for brides shopping for the perfect wedding dress: slide13 Continue reading
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Two Bridal Dresses Better Than One

Two Bridal Dresses Better Than One

HillaryDreamed of walking down the aisle in the perfect wedding gown? First you have to sift through the latest bridal gowns of the season, but narrowing down the selection to just one “perfect” dress is no easy feat. White and ivory are classics that are hard to beat, but wouldn’t you look stunning in one of the colorful wedding dresses that have been making a splash lately? Continue reading
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How to Pick the Right Tuxedo Colors for Weddings

How to Pick the Right Tuxedo Colors for Weddings

There is always a great deal of to-do about what the bride will wear, but what the groom will wear is also crucial — a tuxedo t-shirt is not appropriate! Tuxedos are a must for most formal and semi-formal weddings, not just for the groom but also for his groomsmen. Continue reading
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